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Bridal Beauty Q&A

Bridal Beauty Q&A: Part One

How to stun your groom with your bridal beauty

Leading Up to the Big Day

Bridal Beauty Q&A
- When should I begin practicing hair and makeup looks? About 6 months prior to your wedding day you should be looking to book a hair and makeup consultation with a professional. The good ones can book up about a year in advance.

- What beauty treatments/services should I start receiving regularly, and how often? Within a year of your wedding day, we suggest starting to get you hair into “Wedding Day” style. Coloring cutting, growing, styling, all need to be started about a year in advance. We also suggest getting quarterly facials to help with any break outs or blotches. This can help your skin get into the best state possible. And wear moisturizer and sunscreen! These are not only important for the wedding day but every day use as well.

- How do I strengthen my hair, and when should I start? We suggest that taking good care of your hair is important. Whether its taking hair, skin and nail pills or regular haircuts or even conditioning treatments, these all can help with growing and preparing your hair for you big day.

Bridal Beauty Q&A
Bridal Beauty Q&A

One Month Before the Big Day

When should I cut and color my hair? For the last and final haircut and coloring before your wedding day, we suggest doing this about 1-2 weeks before the wedding. That way your hair has time to settle and adjust before its big debut.

What hair treatments will give me the healthiest hair possible? Frequent haircuts! I know it sounds weird, like i want my hair to grow so why would i cut it? Well its because frequent haircuts, such as every 10-12 weeks, can cut off and maintain the healthy start of your hair into growing into beautiful long locks. Now, we aren't saying go off and cut 8-10 inches, we are saying an inch here and there will really give the stability and strength you hair needs to be in the healthiest state.

When should I start looking for the perfect spray tan? We always say, a spray tan trial is just as important as hair and makeup. You need to see the level of color and how the tan looks on your body before your big wedding day.

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