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Bridal Beauty Part Two

Bridal Beauty Q&A: Part Two

Stun your groom with your bridal beauty

One Week Before the Big Day

Bridal Beauty Q&A
- From head to toe, what beauty treatments should I get the week before my wedding? (i.e. trim, skincare, brows, waxing, nails, etc.). Well, at this point your hair should be colored, cut and ready for the wedding day from the week before. For nails, we suggest 2-3 days before wedding. Nails and toes are always best when they are just recently done and fresh. As for any waxing, we suggest a week to 10 days out from your wedding. This allows any reactions, if there are any to settle and fade before the wedding day. But it is very important to make sure your waxer knows your eye brows and style prior to your wedding, in case of any accidents. For spray tanning, if your are getting married on a Saturday, we suggest the Thursday before. This allows the tan to settle in as well as 2 showers to remove any excess solution or unwanted tanning scent.

- From head to toe, what beauty treatments should I get the week before my wedding? Whatever you are comfortable getting. We dont advise you to step too far outside your comfort level but to definitely explore the options in the beauty world.

- How should I prepare my skin for waxing? A clean surface is always needed. The Esthetician will prepare the skin prior to waxing. We suggest not tanning before waxing services.

- How do I get the perfect spray tan, and when should I get it done? The Perfect spray tan is all out of preference. It depends on you natural skin color to determine the best tanning color. Only well experienced tanners have options for different levels and different color tanning solutions for all skin types.

- How do I prep my skin for a spray tan? Shave and EXFOLIATE! No lotions, no deodorants…. clean as a whistle.

- What products will give me a healthy, gentle glow from head to toe? Hydration!! Water water water!!!!

- When should I get my brows done? about 1 week-10 days before the wedding day.

Bridal Beauty Q&A
Bridal Beauty 2

24 Hours Before I Do

- How should I prep my hair for styling? Its up to the stylist as to how they prefer your hair. We always ask the bride and her bridal party to please have Clean, dry hair… shampooing twice and conditioning once… the stylist can always dirty the hair with products and sprays.

- How should I prep my skin for makeup? A through face wash and moisturizer is all thats needed

- Any last-minute beauty tips and/or tricks? Dont try products for the first time the day or a week before the event. You never know what could create a reaction or leave you with sticky hair.

- Any last advice? Book a professional!!!!!!!!!! We can not stress this enough. A friend is always a nice suggest, but if they are attending the wedding, let them be a guest or a bridesmaid. Dont make them work on your day… pay a professional to cater to your every need.

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