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The Perfect Style for Your Hair Color

the perfect hairstyle for your hair color santa clarita hair

The Perfect Style for Your Hair Color

You have heard of the saying that “blondes have more fun”, but at Perfect Day, Perfect Look we have fun no matter what our hair color is. Besides there is a good chance we will change our hair color throughout the year anyway. Whatever your current flavor of the month hair color is, we want to make sure your hair rocks this Fall.

Blonde Hair Style: Let your hair down and enjoy the beach wave look. Your blonde hair will look sun kissed and natural. To get the beach wave hairstyle try using a salt spray and scrunch it while your hair is wet. We prefer Mitch Stone’s Texturizing Spray with the Mitch Stone Sessions Hair Spray to finish off your look. You can use a diffuser on your blow dryer to keep it from looking frizzy. If all else fails and your hair has no waves to it, use a curling iron wand. Just be sure not to burn your hands.

Brunette Hair Style: Cut if off. No seriously, short hair is back for fall 2015 hairstyles. Whether it is a cute lob or short and sassy a-line you will look put together, sophisticated, and sexy. Your stylists will take your face shape into perspective for the perfect ‘Short’ look. Who wouldn’t want low maintenance and a perfect look for the October heat? In Southern California, especially in Santa Clarita you cant go wrong.

Red Hair Style: Natural or not, red hair is always a showstopper. From Auburns to Mahogany to the new rose gold, your color will be brilliant. You want to show off your red locks by wearing it down and curled. Perhaps a one side pinned up for a simple yet stunning look. Use a curling iron and then run your fingers through your curled section to give it a more natural wave. This will allow the curl to set in a loose, flirty style. On a hot day throw it up into a cute braided updo with some wispy hair framing your face. You can’t go wrong with a simple ponytail for those lazy days.

Ombre Hair Style: We salute you for your creativity and boldness. Ombre hair comes in all kinds of styles, colors, and looks. Weather you went sun kissed and natural, or bold and blue there are so many options on how to style your hair. You will want to wear it down with a natural wave so that you get the full ombre hairstyle effect. An ombre can only be worn straight if the stylist has achieved the perfect natural look. Not everyone can pull off the ombre so styling it correct is a must. Adding some curls or waves, there is really no wrong way to go with this 2015 hair trend.

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